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Helix Jump Rules.


The Relaxing Jump app is a new game for the iPhone and Android that is easy to play you will definately Enjoy this game but hard to master.Thus anther think This addicting game is free to play, but you can spend money on in app purchases as well.

Helix Jump Rules is very simple and easy and you can undestand easily this game is very easy and simple but some people assume to be very difficult but if you never play this game before than it would be difficult for you to play the game and sets high Score and High Score of this game is when we search, we can say that the High Score of Helix Jump id recorded so far (June 14, 2018) exceeds4,360,000 points.The game is played between level 2,995 and level 3,000 of the game. You can find this video, which was uploaded to Youtube on the Nurlan Zeynalov channel.

Helix Jump High Score is 360,000 points and it a huge Score and beating this Helix Jump High Score is very difficult you have to be really expert and you must have to follow the Rules of this game to beat the High Score of Helix Jump.

And The following are the Rules of Helix jump to become Champion in Helix Jump game.

>One-touch easy-to-learn controls, just slide your.
>The deeper you get, the more fun you will find!.
>Embark on an exciting adventure to the center of the Earth!.

When you start the game the ball will falls down and you have to protect or avoid the ball from the Red area if you hit the Red Area you will lost the game and you get upset and my suggestion not to get upset try again and you will definately do better next time.

Features Or Rules

>Fun & addictive ball game with one-touch control.
>The deeper you reach, the more interesting monster characters you will unlock.
>Beautiful tower and lovely monsters.
>Special Halloween levels are waiting for you.
>Collect coins to buy more special characters.
>Best free game that suits all ages.
>Hurry up, come feel this free speed falling game.

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Let us know if you like our game or have some thoughts on our game! We’d love to hear your precious advice and suggestion Helix Jump is an endless play style of game where you try to get a ball down a set of platforms as you avoid red platforms that end your turn. It’s simple, but pretty addictive.