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Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition as Well A smooth drawing experience! you will definately enjoing while playing this game. 2 is the sequel to the highly popular territory-grabbing original, this time with a smoother experience and many more colors for you. 2 cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide. So simply changing from a square to a circle makes a difference in the game, giving you more options – but also the same can be said for your opponents. But if you follow our 2 tips and tricks listed below, you’ll always be the one wearing the crown! Slow and steady wins the race Undestand.
I know that you ’ll eventually feel safe or strong or invincible or just say “let’s do this” and you’ll want to go out there and grab a huge slice of land, but this is what usually gets you killed. Instead, go for small land grabs, using quick movements and risking as little as possible. Doing this will ensure that it will be impossible for opponents to cut you off, while you will still have the option to cut those who are a long way away from their territory and quickly get back to safety.
Do a bit of planning & landscaping The easiest way to score a huge territorial gain without risking too much is by creating two longer shapes that are close enough to guarantee an easy skip from one side to the other.
Something like this: This takes a bit of work, but always In your own territory, you are the king even if you don’t wear the crown. What does this mean? It means that you can go head in first into your opponents and destroy them instantly.
Make sure to take advantage of this because there are, strangely, a ton of players who enter your territory trying to get a piece of the pie but without being too close to their own to escape when they’re under threat.
Also make sure that you don’t make this mistake and go head first into another player’s territory unless you have a really quick way out! Don’t cut your own line! I have to admit that I’ve done this way too many times before I started to be very careful. Since your shape is round in 2, it’s easier to circle around and cut your own line. This results in an instant game over, so make sure that you don’t do it. And once you start mastering this strangely difficult art, you can laugh at those who do and start building up your own territory where they once stood. 2 apk app download

Take advantage of the edges My strategy is to always go towards the edges of the playing field, as that’s where you should be in order to really grow large and protect your territory easier.
Work around those limits to build up your territory slowly and this will make it very difficult for opponents to cut in – they will have to risk a lot and they will rarely have a way out since at least one direction of movement is blocked. But do try this and go for the edges first – I’ve had my best games with massive percentages by adopting this strategy! This would be everything.